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August 4, 2012
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"Daddy! Daddy!"

The man turned around looking at the 7 year old boy running towards him. His (h/c) hair pushed all of his face as he ran. His Emerald eyes glowing with happiness. The boy stopped in front of his father with a massive grin.

"What's the matter Theodore?"

The boy looked up at his father grinning even more. The blonde man sighed before returning the smile and giving a questioning look.

"I met this girl daddy, and I really think I love her, she beautiful and really cool for a girl!"

The boy never stopped smiling for one minute. No matter what ever happened you could never get rid of his smile. The man gave a sad smile before turning to the grave behind him. He ran his hand across the grave gently before clearing his throat to speak.

"Well that good Theodore, but just remember to spend as much time with them as you can."

The younger boy could sense the sorrow in his voice, but it wasn't much of a surprise. It had been 6 years today since she died. The women he knew nothing about. The women who loved him more than anything.

He pulled out the locket from under his shirt, opening the little circle. His gaze fell to the women, she had (h/l) (h/c) tied back. Her (e/c) eyes gazed at one thing, her son. His father was next to her with the same gaze. They all had smiles on their face. How could he not remember his own mother?

"Did you not get to spend a lot of time with mummy?"

The boys smile fell when he could see the light tears in his father's eyes. The man broke out a small smile before returning to face the boy.

"No I didn't"

"Can you tell me more about mommy? Like how you fell in love?"

The boy's smile returned and the man was somewhat shocked but happy. He gestured for his son to sit down next to him before he remembered everything.

By the time I was your age I'd give anything to fall in love truly
was all I could think,
that's when I met your mother
the girl of my dreams,
the most beautiful woman that I'd ever seen.

~Flashback: 10 years ago~

"Captain Kirkland? What are we doing at (country)?"

"To pick up supplies"  

That was a lie, and even Arthur's crew knew that. He was here to see a girl. One he'd never spoken to before. He walked over to the market, cold emerald orbs searching for that one girl. He walked deeper into the market until he spotted her.

He watched as she sold fruit and vegetables to the villagers. The warm smile on her face after selling one piece. His gaze was on her and no one else. Her (h/l) (h/c) hair blowing in the wind, the way her (e/c) shined with happiness, she was truly beautiful.

He didn't realise he had walked right up to her, until her voice broke his thoughts. That
voice. It was beautiful. Like an angel singing a lullaby.

She said boy can I tell you a wonderful thing?
"I can't help but notice you staring at me,
I know I shouldn't say this, but I really believe,
I can tell by your eyes that you're in love with me."
Now son, I'm only telling you this because life can do terrible things.

"Excuse me Captain, do you need something?"

"You know who I am?"

It wasn't a surprise that she would know he was a pirate, in fact all of the villagers knew. He had visited so much that they knew he wasn't a threat. He was just shocked that she knew..

"Obviously I know who you are, You're Captain Arthur Kirkland. You visit a lot, especially the market, but I couldn't help but wonder if you wanted something from my stall, you were staring for quite some time"  

Shit... she caught him staring, what was he to say now? He was confused for awhile until an idea popped into his head. He would go for it, and if it didn't work then he would never return here.

"Tell me love, what's your name?"

"_____. _____ ______ it's nice to meet you"

She smiled and held out her hand for him to shake, but instead he pulled her into a warm embrace. He moved his mouth towards her ear before gently asking her a question which could change his fate.

"Tell me ____, would you ever love a pirate?"

He pulled her out of the embrace holding her shoulder so he could see her face. She was bright red but still smiling like she hadn't noticed. Emerald orbs met bright (e/c) ones.

"Are you saying you love me?"

He nodded in reply. She smiled and nodded before pulling him into another hug.

~End of flashback~

"You were a pirate? That's so cool!"

Arthur chuckled before nodding, Theodore smile became bigger before he started to run around the grave stone.

"I am Captain Theodore Kirkland! Son of the most feared pirate ever!"

Arthur could help but laugh at his sons actions, he pulled he boy into his lap as they laughed together.

"So what happened next daddy?"


Now most of the time we'd have too much to drink
and we'd laugh at the stars and share everything.
Too young to notice and too dumb to care,
love was a story that couldn't compare.


It had been a year and a half since Arthur and ___ had been dating each other, every few months Arthur and his crew would sail to (country) and stay a couple of the night's. ___ would be waiting at the port for them to arrive and when they did, they would spend every moment with each other.

Arthur walked off his ship with one goal in his mind, to see ____. Not movements' after he was almost pushed to the ground by ____'s warm embrace.

"Arthur! I missed you so much"

"I missed you too love, now shall we go?"

She smiled before grabbing his hand a pulling him along down the village. After about 5 minutes both where trying to catch their breath while taking in the scene. They would always go to this one spot and lay in between the purple flowers, while watching the stars.

____ started running into the lavender field and Arthur soon followed trying to catch her. All the sounds that could be heard were their laughter and the slight breeze. Once Arthur finely caught up to ____ he grabbed her in his arms and span her around, gently giving her sweet little kisses.

Before they knew it the sun was already setting, ____ was sitting in Arthurs lap while he stroked her hair. Arthur rested his head in the crook of her neck inhaling the smell of her perfume. He gently smiled and moved his mouth close to her ear, whispering the three words he would always say when he saw her.

"I love you"

I said girl can I tell you a wonderful thing?
"I made you a present with paper and string,
open with care now, I'm asking you please
you know that I love you,
will you marry me?"
Now son I'm only telling you this because life can do terrible things
you'll learn one day, and I hope and I pray that God shows you differently.


____ moved her body so she was still in his lap but facing him. Smiling sweetly at his question and giving him a slight nod to let Arthur know he had her attention.

"Well, the next time you see my ship come to (country) it will be the last..."

____ eyes went wide and her face in horror. Arthur could see that she was on the verge of tears. One single tear fell slowly down her cheek and Arthur wiped it away with his thumb giving her a sweet smile.

"Because the next time that happens, I will no longer be a pirate love. I was hoping maybe the next time I return to (country) that you would do the honour of being my bride, ____ will you marry me?"

Arthur pulled out a ring from his jacket, his hands shaking with fear of rejection. ____ eyes grew wide again but this time with joy. She pulled him into a hug before muttering the words 'yes'. Arthur smiled and placed the ring on her finger. A perfect fit.

~End of flashback~

"You gave up being a pirate for Mummy? Why?"

Theodor had a sad look on his face, but Arthur gave his a reassuring smile before pulling  him into his lap and ruffling his hair.

"Because I loved her, and I still do"

"Do you miss being a pirate?"

"I've never thought about it..."

She said boy can I tell you a terrible thing?
"It seems that I'm sick and I've only got weeks.
Please don't be sad now, I really believe,
you were the greatest thing that ever happened to me."

Slow, so slow, I fell to the ground on my knees.


It had been just over a year since ____ had given birth to Theodor. But ever since she had been getting weaker and weaker. Arthur had been concern so he made her go see a doctor, he heard the front door open and closed. A few minutes later ____ walked in with a weak smile on her face.

"How did it go love?"

She smiled weakly before moving her gaze to the floor, Arthur walked over to her a pulled her into a hug as she silently sobbed into his chest. She pulled away and looked into his emerald eyes. Sorrow filled in her (e/c) ones.

"Arthur... I-I have cancer, and only 3 weeks left until I die"

Arthur's hands dropped from her, he was shocked. He couldn't move, or talk or do anything. He started at ____ before pulling her into a tight embrace and crying into her shoulder. She would be gone in 3 weeks? Why didn't he make her go sooner! He could of stopped this from happening..


The 3 weeks passed and Arthur walked into the shared bedroom, only to find you laying there. You once (e/c) orbs where now grey and dull, you skin was pale and freezing cold. He sat on the bed next to you, not caring about if anyone herd him cry. He had lost the one he loved, and all he could do was blame his self.

~End of flashback~

Arthur could see the tears forming into his son's eyes. He pulled him close while stroking his hair again and smiled.

"But either way she is still with us"

The boy looked up at him confused and whipped away the tears on his face.

"Your mother is, and always will be watching down on us from heaven"

So don't fall in love there's just too much to lose
if you're given the choice, I'm begging you choose to walk away, walk away,
don't let it get you, I can't bare to see the same happen to you.

Now son, I'm only telling you this, because life can do terrible things.
So this is an Fanfiction trade with :iconsupereggbox: i wrote her an iggy one and she has written me a prussia one so go check that out! to see her prussia x reader click here! ----> [link]

the song is mayday parade terrible things and well yeh i think this is my longest fanfiction so far WOO! :D anyway hope you enjoy :3

I don not own Hetalia or you! :3
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