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March 20, 2012
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Matt awoke to the sun shining on his face, for once it felt nice and warm. He turned on his side to look for his blond lover. He wasn't here. Matt sat up and scanned the room. Still no sign of him. He lowered his head. Had he left me again? But if he had then everything he said yesterday would have been a lie. He frowned at the thought and shook it off. No. Mello's different.

"Morning sleepy head"

He looked up to see the blond figure standing against the bathroom door frame naked. The blond gave him a smile. I knew it, he wouldn't leave again. He's changed.

"So you just going to sit there daydreaming or... Are you going to come join me?" Mello gave a small smirk.

Matt got out of bed and moved towards the bathroom. Mello had already got into the bath and was looking at him, suggesting for him to join him. He looked around there was rose petals in the water and scented candles around the tub. On the side there was also a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

He smiled at the picture. Who knew Mello was such a romantic? He moved over to the bath stepping one foot in at a time. He looked at Mello's face again remembering the scar, how did he get that?

"Mels? How did you get that scar?" Mello lowered his head before answering.

"I blew up the mafia base" he looked up with a huge smirk on his face.


"Matt calm down...."

Angry was running through him. He could have fucking killed himself! Does he not realise?! Or is he just that plain stupid!


"Because i wanted to be with you, it was a chance of death or life. Either way i would of been with you."

Matt could see that Mello didn't really want to talk about it, so he dropped the convocation instead of making more fights.

"So, uhmmm..." Matt rubbed the back of his head unsure on whether to ask or not. Mello looked up at him instead of replying.

"You know at Whammy's? Whenever i would ask you to sing you never did.... But when i asked you yesterday.. you finally sang to me. You have a beautiful voice Mels. Why did you never in the past?"

Mello looked up at him with passion and pain in his eyes, he sighed before answering.

"Well.. It's because,  I used to sing with my family before they died. And after i hated to, because it just gave me the memories of my family's death, but after seeing you again. I wanted to, because i love you Matty. Remember i will only ever sing for you. No one else."

Matt couldn't help but smile. He would only sing for him? And no one else.. so that means the only people who herd Mello sing was his parents and now Matt. He gave the blond a passionate kiss.

"Come to the recording studio with me today?" Mello smiled and nodded.

Mello's POV~

We arrived at the recording studio shortly after.  Matt had to go into he recording booth to do his vocals. All of a sudden a blond boy appeared next to him. Mello looked up at the boy with a glare.

"What?" He growled at the boy.

"Listen i just wanted to apologize for the other day."

"What?" Mello was confused.. What was he on about? The kidnapping? Hearing the explosion?

"When i kissed you to keep you away from matt...."

Oh that...  i totally forgot. Why was he apologizing? I got my revenge didn't i? Matt was giving dirty looks at Charlie from the window. He properly thought he would try something again. But then again it wouldn't surprise me. I looked up to him, all i could see was hurt but happiness in his eyes.

"Listen, I'm happy for you both, I'm glad that Matt's happy. I won't try anything to break you up or shit. I'm actually going to try and move on. So we cool?" he gave an awkward smile at Mello.

"We're cool" he smiled back at the boy, who returned the smile.
So yeh It's finished now D: I had alot of fun writing this, and thanks for all the support i love you guys to bits <3 i hope you enjoyed the series :3

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I do not own death note xD
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