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March 14, 2012
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Charlie pushed his lips against Mello's and before mello could even push him away matt was there in the door way, eyes wide with horror.

"No.... It can't be....." The red head replied before running away.

"Matt!" The blond boy cried out, but it was to late he was gone. He turned to charlie and slapped him before pulling his gun out and putting in between his eyes.

"Ever do that again and I won't hesitate to kill you. Got it?" He growled viciously before running after matt. He looked everywhere but couldn't find him. Suddenly he saw one of the other band members that he recognised and ran up to him.

"Hello mello, long time no see are you doing well?" He gave him a smile with that.

"Sorry steve I can't talk right now may we catch up later? I need to find matt have you seen him?"

Steve looked at him confused "I think he's in his dressing room I'm not sure its down that hall go check"

"Thank you!" He said while running off. He turned down the corridor and stopped infront of a door its said 'Matt' on it. He took a deep breath, then opened the door. He saw matt sitting their with a cigarette in his hand, his eyes locked to him. He moved his hand up to his mouth inhaling the fumes.

"What is it mello?"

He said that so cold and harshly, this wasn't going to be easy to explain. But he had to.

"look it wasn't what it looked like I swear.."

"So what was it mello?! I've waited fuck knows how long to see you since you left and this is the welcoming I get!" He growled then brought his hand back to inhale more smoke.

"Look, that guy is fucking crazy! I was going to see you then he dragged me into his room saying 'If I can't have Matt then neither can you' then next thing I know his kissing me and your there! It was all him not me. I swear! I fucking love you Matt!"

"Prove it." He said a little more relaxed but still with a hint of coldness.

"What?" Okay I was confused.. How was I meant to prove it?

"Come on tour with me, come with me we leave in two days."

"Matt... I can't. Its just... Too soon."

"Why not?" His stare turned into a glare.

"I'm with the mafia and that..."

"Just leave, they won't care." If only it was that simple, if only.

"Its not that easy and we I'm in the middle of a plan to catch kira.."

"Oh....." He looked hurt and angry by this. I looked at him and he looked away.

"Kira again... There's always something more important than me. Near. Kira. L. Being the best.. Don't you understand your the best to me? Why do you try so hard for the people you hate. But never for me." Okay he was mad and I wouldn't blame him.. As he said it was always something I was to proud to give up and I hated it.

"Matt... Please try to understand.."

He snapped back viciously looking at mello with tears in his eyes.

"I did try. Over how long 4? 5 years? I always though one day we would be together but no. All you care about is yourself, so I'll tell you what mello. When your ready to be with me, you find me because I'm sick and tired of chasing after you. When you can't even try back."


"GET OUT! NOW!" He pretty much screamed it and turned away. There way nothing I could do, so I left the room. Damn I was pissed matt hated me because of that brat. I pulled out me phoned and dialled a number as quickly as possible, it wasn't to long before there was an answer.

"Rod I've got a job for you."

"What is it mello?"

He explained his plan to rod who seemed very happy about this and agreed. Fuck he would get his revenge, now he needed to get back to the bass. As he was walking out he passed the boy who fucking made matt hate him. Mello gave him the biggest smirk ever then walked off. Oh yes very soon. He would pay for what he did..  He got to his bike and started the engine. It was all very well his revenge on Charlie but how would he get matt back? He needed a plan and soon.

Charlie's POV~

When mello walked passed him with that smirk it gave him shivers down his spine it was creepy as. He went back to his dressing room quite proud of what he had done. After 30 minutes or so he heard a knock on the door. He didn't answer he just didn't want to see anyone at the moment and it would properly be matt to have a go at him. Suddenly the door burst open and there where to men, they came straight over to him and he blacked out.

When he awoke he couldn't see anything, he was blind folded. It seemed lke hes was in a car wich eventually came to a stop. Before he could even say anything he was viciously pulled out of it, he felt a gun pressed to his back. He swallowed hard, pretty sure he was going to die, he was walking still with the blind fold on when suddenly he got pushed into a chair hand and handcuffed, the blind fold was removed and all he could see was he was in a dull room. There was a door in front of him which eventually opened.

Another man came in a started to hit him, he started to cough blood up the other man smirked at the picture. The door opened again, his eyes wide with shock with who walked in.

"Boss he's all yours"

The blond man walked closer to him smirking.

"You've done a lovely job here thank you, You may leave now."

The men nodded and left the room leaving him only with the blond boy.

"Listen shit head, you're going to do me something or else you will be seeing your grave in a few minutes, understand?"

He shook his head quickly, he didn't want to die not yet.

" Right here I have a tracking device and a headset and microphone, you will keep this on you at all times understand?"

He nodded again not to sure why he was requesting this but fuck it. The boy put the head set in his ear and the microphone onto his shirt, luckily it was small so it wasn't noticeable, he then put the tracking device into his pocket.

"My men will return you back after they have had some fun, you will not remove any of these, and if you try to tell anyone about it or the police you will be dead in seconds. So I suggest you do as I say"

He looked at the blond who smirked again. Then the door opened again to see a man panting.

"Boss the director is dead he hung himself."

"Perfect" the blond boy smirked again.
Sorry it wasn't up earlier :( but i kinda forgot to write it aha anyway yeh mello got his revenge :D WE HATE YOU CHARLIE D:<

Mello: I hate that kid so much...
Me: More then me?
Mello: Yes.
Me: YAYYY -Hugs-

Chapter 1- [link]
Chapter 2- [link]
Chapter 3- [link]
Chapter 4- [link]
Chapter 5- [link]
Chapter 6- [link]
Chapter 8- [link]
Chapter 9- [link]

i do not own death note nor matt and mello
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